Strategic Growth & Improvement

Think fresh, work faster, grow smarter, increase value

CEOs and their executive teams are charged with growing value in highly competitive, dynamic environments. We work with management teams to develop flexible strategies and the underlying rationales and data to unite and energize employees and stakeholders.

We learned a simple but challenging lesson early in our careers: Plan your work, and work your plan. At a high level, strategy is about opportunities and choices. We think the most important question to first answer is: Why? Without understanding ‘why’ a strategic direction is necessary (and the corresponding success metrics), an organization is on a road trip without a map. The ‘What’ and ‘How’ are more easily understood, much like the rest stops and automobile in the road trip analogy.

We assist you in developing and testing strategic alternatives, using competitive and SWOT analysis to better understand risk and return attributes. We tirelessly look for valid data as input for decision-making. And, we conduct an objective view of the organization’s ability to execute successfully. We evaluate business systems, organizational health, and the balance sheet requirements as needed. We recommend key measurement metrics to track progress of underlying plans and projects, to permit ‘fast learning’ and ‘flexible’ course directions. One of our favorite cliches: if you aren’t keeping score, you are only practicing.

Problem Solvers

We partner with clients to boost your ability to solve critical and existential issues. We work with you so your team solves the problem, making the new direction lasting and supported internally rather than a ‘smart idea’ from a consultant.

Rich experience

We have broad and deep experience, as out Australian friends like to say, we’ve been there and done that. Every engagement is unique. Our rich experience permits us to get through the process of identifying alternatives, selection, plans, and implementation faster and with less risk.


You will find the total project cost of engaging PowerSource affordable as we are not interested in charging hours – we get you to ‘problem-solved’ faster. We will consider ‘success-based’ fee structures as appropriate to ensure we are aligned with your goals.


We fully commit our team to make your needs our top priority. Our goal is to leave you delighted and eager to make our relationship strategic.


By the time you’ve engaged PowerSource, your need has already started to become urgent. We work fast and expect your team to collaborate so we solve the immediate issue while addressing the systemic process and system defects – in real-time.

Smart Techology

In many instances, your solution with require changes in your business process – potentially a transformative change. We believe smart cloud-based technology solutions must complement process change, while constantly seeking to enhance cybersecurity.
What clients say
Bart is a sophisticated financial executive and advisor, with an impressive breadth of experience not only in the financial arena but also in managing other operational areas for both start-up and established companies, public and private, both new technology and brick-and-mortar companies. Bart brings a unique blend of inside and outside perspectives to clients, and I have always valued his mature, measured and insightful judgment as his peer and colleague
Randy Segal
Randy Segal
Space and Satellite Technology and Transactional Attorney
Bart was the CFO at Aptara when I was the CIO there. I have enjoyed working with Bart for about 3 years on several projects. Besides being great at his Accounting and Finance domain, Bart is an excellent guide and mentor. He is happy to look at the problem from a holistic perspective and get involved in each area to fix it. His cool demeanor makes it easy for issue resolution between teams. He is well planned and organized on large Enterprise projects.
Manish Buttan
Manish Buttan
CEO at Artificial Machines
I have know Bart both professionally and personally for over fifteen years. he is an experienced financial professional who has operated successfully in several challenging CFO roles. I have great respect for Bart's business and ethical judgment.
Jay Meriwether
Managing Director at Edgewood Advisors, LLC

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